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Your smile speaks for you.

A beautiful, natural smile will probably be your strongest attribute.
Dental Beauty Treatments were born from the desire of the people to have a lovely smile.
The modern society in which we live imposes on us a whiter and more beautiful smile as a standard of beauty; for others it means youth and self confidence.  That is why more than 75% of patients when asked what they would change about their smile, answered without hesitation: the color.
With the Dental Travelling Program we restore the shine to your smile by applying all the most up to date techniques from simple light curing fillings (that don’t affect your teeth), 0.3mm thick ceramic veneers (zirconium oxide) and crowns/ bridges that do require 2mm of reduction to your teeth.
Everything that involves wearing down the tooth is done by scanning and computerized milling CAD/CAM technology.

Dental Beauty Treatments


Light-curing veneer (no dental wear): 100€ each tooth.
Monolithic veneer and EMAX in lithium silicate (with 0.3mm wear to your tooth): 350€
Pure porcelain crown, no metal (with 1.5mm of wear to your tooth): 350€
Metal and porcelain crown (with 2mm of wear): 300€


A dental beauty treatment that reduces the original color of your teeth by various tones resulting in a healthier, younger look.
We do this at our clinic and it takes about an hour after which our patient will see a significant change, and if necessary the treatment can be continued at home under our supervision and products as we know that each type of stain is due to habits, medication etc. and require different treatment.
Price: 450€ full mouth.

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