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The most common surgery in stomatology is tooth extraction.

When a tooth is badly damaged and the dentist finds that it is not possible to restore it, then the tooth should be extracted to avoid affecting the health of other teeth and not cause complications.

The dental implant is the ideal solution to replace the lost tooth and restore the ability to chew and the aesthetics.

It is made of biocompatible materials (titanium) that that don’t cause rejection reaction and allow it to be attached to the bone.

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 – Implant or body: 700€
– Pillar and provisional crown: 250€
– Metal or Porcelain crown: 250€
– Including taxes.

The implant consists of:

The body:  the part of the implant that is inserted into the bone, generally in the form of a screw, which needs three months to integrate with the bone.

The pillar: the part of the implant that holds the crown or dental bridge.  Using dental cement to support the final prosthesis, which is individually adapted to each patient.

The crown: the final, visible part which can be made from different materials (metal, porcelain, zirconium etc.) and which gives functionality and security when smiling.

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