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Prevention is of fundamental importance.


Prevention is of fundamental importance in dental care and to keep a perfectly healthy smile.

Keeping your teeth healthy depends largely on how we carry out the dentist’s recommendations on oral hygiene, the correct brushing, flossing and mouthwash.
With Dental Travelling you benefit from a free prevention service.

Endo and Periodontal Treatment:

Generally speaking dental treatment involves the removal of inflamed or dead tissue as well as the removal of organic remains from the root canals so that they can be sealed with biocompatible material when decay has reached the nerve.

These treatments are carried out with the latest in apex locator technology.

Known as Pyorrhea it is a disease of the gum and bone surrounding the tooth leading to its loss, although it is whole and apparently healthy without caries.

This illness can be controlled by specialists with at least a six monthly visit.

Orthodontics is a specialty of dental medicine that corrects dental maxillary anomalies.
In modern dentistry orthodontic treatment has no age limit being carried out at any age, children as well as adults.

This type of treatment involves visits at least once a month, subject to our dates.

This is an illness that can destroy teeth, as a consequence of the loss of minerals provoked by the acid generated by bacteria in the mouth.
It is associated with the consumption of sugars, errors in hygiene techniques and inadequate toothpaste.

At Dental Travelling we consider that prevention is a basic service which we offer without any additional cost to the patient.
We restore the teeth using many types of materials, according to the individual case.
Prices vary according to the material used and the size of the filling.

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